Verwood First School's homes project


About six weeks ago I was asked to do a talk to Verwood First School "Sycamore Base" and help them out with their homes project.

Each group had an architect, a builder, a plumber and decorator and over the course of the following six weeks the pupils had to design and build a model home.

Every parent should be very proud of their child as they were ALL so polite, very enthusiastic and worked excellently together in their groups to build some superb model homes.

I then re-visited "sycamore base" to offer some suggestions and parents were also invited to see their finished models.

I am so pleased that I was asked to help out with this project and I would strongly recommend that every parent helps out if they ever get an opportunity. It was a real treat to see my son (Lucas) in his school environment and I would jump at the opportunity to do it again!